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Build your online learning universe on rock solid features.

Marketing website

A beautiful, clean and neat website that you can call your own!  Be proud when your users land on your page!

Branding and domain

Having the best platform truly as your own starts with your logo, your domain and your corporate identity!

Email theming & integration

Engage your users with customisable email themes and make your automations personal


Let your business thrive on the App Store and Google Play

Management Console

Manage your entire platform and course building from one workspace


See all your platform, course and learner data visually summarised as well as available in report downloads.


No more local operating only - your business deserves to grow globally!  


Integrate your systems with your platform for optimal efficiency and ease of use.  From SSO to grades - we've got you covered!

GDPR and POPI compliant

Your platform support your end users' rights with the key features built in to support users' preferences

Automatic updates and upgrades

With Flex you never have to worry about your platform becoming a legacy system - we keep your platform updated on the latest Online Learning Best Practices!

Secure cloud hosting & daily backups

We manage the nuts and bolts so that you can manage what matters - your online learning offering!

Uptime & monitoring

99% uptime & 24/7 monitoring. No need for you to lose sleep.


Draw a global audience by making it easy for users to navigate on your platform in their home language

1Tb Storage

Your courses should have no limits.  Have peace of mind that you won't run out of space to host content on your platform.

Built-in security and SSL

Feel at peace with your information on Flex - we keep a tight lock on your platform

World-class support

Tap into our 24/7 support, Flex University and Flex Community to get your questions answered in no time!


Do more with your courses....manage it like a full-scale University and control the flow of content

Skills pathways

Set out the journeys you want learners to achieve as an outcome.  Offer courses by skills, by degrees or as standalones.


Powerful examination settings that replicate traditional examination environments.  No need for third party examination providers.

Grading & certification

Set grading policies that enables automated certification.  Issue PDF certificates or let users share via social media.  Automated record-keeping of certificates issued.

Certificate theming

Design your certificate template and load relevant information, signatories and logos.

Various learning types

Offer live training, blended learning, self-paced & instructor-led online learning.

Course  pre-requisites

Set examinations or course pre-requisites as entrance requirements for courses and programs.  Restrict course progress with in-course module pre-requisites based on performance or completion.

Content scheduling- and visibility settings

Pre-define when content should be released or specify what users can/cannot see. 

User- and content cohorts

Offer specific content to specific groups or enable group work scenarios.

Unlimited courses

Unshackle the limitations and unleash the power of the knowledge you are about to share with the world

Unlimited course enrolments

Because we allow you to enjoy unlimited courses, we don't intend to limit your users to enrol into as many courses as they want!  

Course templates

Create course templates and import/export content to simplify your course development efforts.

Course Announcements

Keep your learners up to date with announcements in their course inbox and emails.


Your content deserves to be more than text or a plain old video...bring your course alive with our rich library of content components which requires no coding!  Simple & intuitive content building with drag & drop functionality.   Knowledge Transfer, Knowledge Application and Knowledge Assessment - we've got you covered!


Host your videos for free on Flex with 1Tb storage space.  View smart video analytics to see learner video engagement.

Live Conferencing

Add a Zoom or MS Teams meeting instantly as a component - no need to embed links or send meeting invites.  Use our native conference call tool if you don't have a Zoom or MS Teams subscription.


Run your course podcast style!  


Insert images and infographics at the click of a button.


Use our multi-user whiteboard to collaborate on complex topics and solve the issue as a team.


Deliver content with text and allow learners to respond with free text input (sentence or paragraphs) with our advanced text editor.

Secured PDF

Insert viewable PDF's that is non-downloadable and restricts text copying.


Upload files easily from your computer as a download for your learners (PDF, PPT, Excel, Word, Images etc.)

Discussion Forums

Use the power of social learning and have learners engage in meaningful course discussions.  Ask questions, post comments and share rich media with fellow learners.


Build rich surveys to obtain meaningful learner feedback and monitor results effortlessly.


Engage your learners with polls and word clouds.  Have learners see their answers in comparison to the group.


No one should be left behind - share calendars so that all learners can see important course dates.

Knowledge Checkers

Use knowledge checkers to automate your grading process or simply test knowledge.  Various formats such as multiple choice, checklists, dropdowns, drag & drop, text/numeric inputs, fill-in-the blank.  Configure hints and feedback on the fly.


Grade or test knowledge with our robust assignment tool. Prompt, receive and assess assignments with a configurable rubric, points scoring and feedback tool.  Streamline your marking process with our assessment engine.  Rich assessment formats, including:TextPDF uploadVideo uploadOral assignment via Zoom/MS Teams