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Your own beautiful platform that is easy to manage

It all starts with a platform you can be proud of - a beautiful, clean design that users want to engage with, especially if they are going to learn on it!

Having a great platform doesn't mean that it needs to be difficult to manage - that's why we've replaced the complexity with a simple, no-coding-necessary interface that empowers you to manage every step of the digital learning journey - easily!

Learn on the go anytime and anywhere with our mobile app

We extend the power of our platform and place it firmly in your hand! Learning can now take place on your couch, on the road or in the office! Continuous learning at your users' fingertips.

Skills pathways and certification

Create courses and align them with skills pathways you want your learners to follow.  Grade and certify individual courses and holistic pathways to ensure learners get recognised not only at the end goal, but also along the journey.  

Use your platform to automate career advancement and inspire your learners with a clear vision of the road to the top.

Your data deserves to be seen

Packaged into beautiful dashboards, our platform, course and learner analytics offer unmatched insights into learner progress, engagement and performance whilst giving you a clear picture of activity on your platform.  Granular data transformed into deep, meaningful insights!

Superior technology with strong online learning principles.

Making use of the best technology and up-to-date online learning methodologies, our platform is built on the best building blocks for you to succeed with your online learning objectives.  

Most training platforms merely scrape the surface of best-practice learning pedagogy and design.  Not ours!  We use Open edX® , the technology that supports 9 out of the 10 highest ranked universities and offers online learning to 45 million students globally, as our technology framework to ensure we've got the very best scientific principles embedded in our platform.  

All types of online learning

Offer live training with our native Zoom and MS Teams integrations, blended learning, self-paced learning or instructor-led learning.  Now you have all your training types covered in one platform!

Monetise your training business

With fully supported eCommerce capabilities coming soon, you have the ability to sell courses to all corners of the earth.  

With simple, seamless integration with multiple payment providers, we help you get paid on your terms.

Rich learning experiences with numerous content components

Offering you a range of methods to facilitate content online, our content library allows effective learning to take place.  Our content components empower you to keep students engaged across the learning spectrum of knowledge transfer, knowledge application and knowledge assessment. From multi-media to interactive tools, we've got it all.